As internal communication, external one is capital to enhance the visibility of your project and help in the dissemination effectiveness and endeavour.

Here is a compilation of best practices highlighted from our projects with an example from each project:

  • Establish a collective communication plan: objective / targets/ messages by target /specific tools/

  • A website as early as possible!

  • Use the TV And radio, mass media to promote your projects, its results and to highlight its impact.

  • Establish accessible and searchable Institutional Repositories. Example: IUGSpace project

  • Create a project webpage (OpenMed project) with an executive summary of the main results achieved throughout the three years to put in your institution website.

  • Think about a promotional video with testimonials from the participants in the project capacity building activities.

  • Build cooperation with media influencers and content creators especially to target youth and special targets. (See our success stories SALEEM and PACES projects).

  • Think about a regular press-release for the main activities.

  • Ask you partners for writing special articles

  • Think about a photo gallery photo album (  with good memories of the project events, and a collection of videos produced for the project.

  • Publications, website and all products and results of the project must show the Erasmus + logo (Flag with the mention: co-funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union).


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